One board nailed
across another.
For more than
2000 years,
people have followed this sign. In the middle of the
Cross is the heart of the man who died upon it.
A peasant who established a kingdom. A carpenter
who built a church for all times. A sentenced
criminal whose death won eternal life. The
Cross is a sign of contradiction: We gain our soul
by losing it. Our
weakness is our
strength. The
last shall be first.
Our enemies
deserve our love.
The greatest deed
is to care for the
least of humanity.
At the
juncture of two
planks, all truth
can be found –
the crux of life
and death. Let us
make the way of
the Cross our
way of life.
By Lisa O. Engelhardt

Disclosure: Much of what is in my posts are things I have compiled through the years and I do not know if they have copyrights. What I do know about origin or website I give credit and have tried to always post a link to the origin. I do not market anything in any way on this blog -- I merely hope it will encourage and inspire others.

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